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Robotic Network Monitors Forest Fires in Russia

Hughes Network Systems, LLC, a supplier of broadband satellite networks and related services, has declared that Tomsk Polytechnical University (TPU) has selected the Hughes HX System. The solution will give forest fire monitoring services to the Federal Forestry Agency of the Russian Federation.

Currently a satellite-based solution is being used across Russia to monitor its forests to help detect forest fires in the early stages and so respond to them immediately. Information garnered through remote sensors is transmitted to ‘Avialesokhrana’, which is a service monitoring center via Yasen, a system developed by TPU. The latter system collects, processes, analyzes and transmits information through the entire fire fighting process from across the country. The satellite broadband network is based on Hughes HX System technology and is operated by TPU from its facilities in Tomsk in Siberia.

The network consists of a central Network Operations Center in Tomsk with both fixed and mobile broadband satellite terminals in the field, and incorporates HX260 mesh terminals for simultaneous voice and data services. Numerous terminals fixed on vehicles ensure emergency communications from remote regions.


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