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MIP Robotics Introduces ‘MIP Junior’ Industrial Robot with New Type of Gear Reducer

MIP robotics is a startup founded in 2015 and based on research conducted for many years. The company aims to provide accessible, industrial robots, especially for SMIs (small and medium industries). In other words, like 3D printing in recent years, MIP wants to democratize industrial robotics.

Robot MIP Junior (Photo: Business Wire)

The robots can be used to automate repetitive, arduous or dangerous tasks; indeed it is possible to set the standard gripper arms: suction cup, hook, screwdriver, blade etc. Application examples are numerous: storing goods in cartons, checking the tightening torque, making the automated cutting, removing non-compliant products etc. MIP allows its customers to increase their productivity (and hence margins) in order to improve the quality or reduce the hardship. The investment can be made profitable in only 6 month.

The "Junior " is a robot called "SCARA" (that is to say a horizontal arm) operating on a range of 600mm and fixed on a vertical axis in a standard 400mm high. These dimensions can be adjusted on demand. Its speed reaches up to 250mm/s with an accuracy of 0.5mm and can move up to 5kg. Junior is also characterized by its ease of use: for instance you can teach the robot the movements to be carried out by manually moving the robotic arm. Finally, the robot stops in case of impact, enabling collaborative applications if all safety conditions are met. While prices often start around €20,000 on the market, Junior is available from €8000.

Moreover, MIP robotics offers robotics expertise to major groups to develop models adapted to areas or specific tasks. Thus, the young company is already working with leading players in their field in the pharmacy, construction and logistics industries.

To meet this challenge the company has developed its own technology, because the components of the market are not compatible with its objectives. MIP uses its own smart motors and a new type of gear reducer adapted for robots (and more generally for precision machines). The startup is partnering with industrial actors to exploit and spread its innovations.

In a growing market, these robots of a new kind - easy to use, affordable and collaborative - will accelerate the movement of the industry modernization and enable unforeseen ways of using a robot. MIP has already established different partnerships: with engineering school ENSAM for the mechanical part, with BPI (French sovereign bank) regarding the funding of R & D, and also with the Altran group for business development.

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