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ARGUS Wireless Perimeter Security System Extended to Provide Unattended Physical Security

ARGUS™, the wireless perimeter security system, has been extended to provide physical security in nearly any situation. Originally developed for U.S. Military applications, ARGUS™ now offers unattended and reliable protection for commercial, government, and institutional infrastructure.

With as few as two to as many as fifty ARGUS™ devices, users can secure small areas or vast expanses without the need for dedicated security personnel nor surveillance systems. ARGUS™ sends automated alerts of perimeter intrusion events to the designated command center, remote monitoring station, or mobile device.

The ARGUS™ product line has been extended to provide security measures for applications including expeditionary excursions, border protection, asset security, permanent installations, and custom integration. The original ARGUS™ technology has been optimized and is now offered as the ARGUS™ Tactical system, consisting of rapidly deployable kits which facilitate situational awareness for First Responders, Military units, and Police Officers. The new ARGUS™ Expeditionary package provides lightweight, portable ARGUS™ nodes that can be mounted anywhere for covert operations. These nodes provide early warnings of approaching intruders with its easily customizable security perimeter capability. The new ARGUS™ Border configuration establishes a layered mesh network for large-area intruder tracking which can operate uninterrupted for up to four years. Designed for commercial and business aviation applications, ARGUS™ Aero Sentry create an RF barrier around aircraft and other assets and provides visual verification through its integrated fisheye camera via MMS/SMS messaging. Hardened industrial ARGUS™ Permanent nodes work as stand-alone, temporary, or permanent security for construction and industrial sites. ARGUS™ Custom utilizes the ARGUS™ flexible architecture, allowing it to be installed on signs, enclosed within poles, or even mounted within drywall for indoor security.


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