Karmel Introduces JMS GHOST Sentry USV at Hi-Tech Defense Industry Fair

Karmel Technologies introduced the Juliet Marine, (JMS), GHOST vessel and technology to the Korean defense industry at the Hi-Tech Defense Industry Fair in Daejeon, South Korea December 1-4.

Juliet Marine Systems Vice President of Research and Development, Joseph Curcio, engages in discussions with members of the Flow Induced Noise Control Lab at the Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering at Chungnam University.

GHOST received much interest from many defense engineers and officials in attendance and was featured on Korean national television. Also introduced was the Unmanned Surface Vessel variant of the technology, the GHOST Sentry, currently being designed by JMS. Shawn Kim, CEO of Karmel Technologies, Inc. states, "Karmel represents Juliet Marine Systems in the territory of South Korea, and I am very pleased that Karmel has successfully introduced Juliet Marine Systems' GHOST and its patented technology to our customers in South Korea. JMS' GHOST vessel and technology generated enthusiastic receptions from the Korean media, the general public, and most importantly, ADD (Agency for Defense Development) researchers."

Juliet Marine Systems Vice President of Research and Development, Joseph Curcio also gave a detailed briefing to Korea's Agency for Defense Development and was able to engage in discussions with members of the Flow Induced Noise Control Lab at the Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering at Chungnam University, as pictured in the included photo.

GHOST and its enabling technologies have many applications in high performance marine underwater vehicles and surface craft. JMS is discussing technology licensing and collaboration in the assembly of GHOST boats. The worldwide market for new boat development programs is estimated by AMI International to be about $20 billion over the next 15 years. JMS is offering its patented technology to interested countries that are looking for high performance, highly stable, manned or unmanned platforms.

Sentry is a highly stable USV designed to perform patrol duty for strategic assets such as oil and gas wells, ports, and ships. It is also an ideal platform for information, surveillance, and reconnaissance, (ISR), missions. Sentry is the only fully stable small craft under 10 tons that has the capability to remain operational in sea states no other unmanned or manned vessel of similar size can tolerate.

The Sentry will carry a payload of defensive and offensive weapons for a variety of naval missions.  Gregory Sancoff, President and CEO of JMS, states, "Sentry is the only known platform that will be able to perform missions in high sea states. All unmanned surface boats being used today have the fatal flaw of losing situational awareness in rough seas. An unmanned boat on an escort mission loses situational awareness as the seas are elevated to 3 feet. Its elevated sensors cannot operate in rough sea state, and the unmanned vessel loses situational awareness, resulting in a re-acquire behavior that results in vehicle vulnerability as it is doing circles in the ocean. Using the SWATH hull design, JMS set out to develop technology that allows the small GHOST Sentry platform to perform like a very large ship, always providing the stability needed to deploy sensors and weapons, and therefore operable and effective in rough weather that keeps other vessels in port."

Admiral James R. Hogg, USN, (Ret), a member of the JMS Board of Directors, states, "GHOST technology leads the maritime industry in providing a high speed, low cost platform with the stability to operate in dangerous waters with relative impunity, while conducting a variety of warfighting missions through its modular weapons bay."

Juliet Marine Systems, Inc. will be exhibiting at booth 212 at the Surface Navy Association National Symposium in Arlington, VA, January 12 - 14, 2016.

Source: http://www.julietmarine.com/

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