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Marion County Police Deploy Mitsubishi Electronic Monitoring System for Remote Alcohol monitoring

Marion County police are deploying Mitsubishi Electronic Monitoring System (MEMS), to remotely monitor intoxicated drivers. The remote electronic monitors can capture the picture of the person undergoing the test and offer a breath alcohol result to the monitoring center. It was reported that MEMS can even differentiate between whiskey and mouthwash.

Justin Garcia of Electronic Monitoring Services has stated that when the drunken drivers blow into the device, alcohol will be sensed. The device will signal potential drunken drivers thrice a day regarding the requirement for a test.

This method of alcohol monitoring is applicable only for those who are convicted with more than three drunk-driving incidents. Community corrections officials have mentioned that the participants in the remote monitoring program need to pay for it.

If the person does not pass the test, a warning is normally issued and is followed by counseling. In case of another such violation, the person will be sent for a court trial.

The officials have reported that all through the Marion County, less than half of the registered participants of the program violate the trial agreements.


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