Industrial Automations Provider Partners with Synova

Sahajanand Technologies, developer of gemstone processing equipments as well as provider of industrial automation and machine vision solutions, has partnered with Synova, supplier of superior laser cutting devices for dicing and micromachining applications. This partnership focuses on developing sophisticated diamond cutting technology.

Synova has developed Laser MicroJet (LMJ) to cope with production and cost effective ownership demands related with currently used micromechanical and electric systems.

Laser MicroJet offers superior cutting quality. Sophisticated materials can be cut without exposing them to heat impairment, contagion and distortion. Laser sawing technology has improved over time. Initially, it was termed as blade sawing technology and its next version was termed as lamp-based technology. It was further improved to IR diode-based technology and the fourth generation version is green diode-based technology. The association between the last two versions led to the development of the fifth generation diamond cutting technology.

Dr. Bernold Richerzhagen, President and CEO of Synova, has mentioned that collimated laser spot is the most significant aspect of the Laser MicroJet technology. He added that it can easily avoid the occurrences of PUNCTURE & KHAJURA.

The straight cut laser sawing effectively reduces the maximum diamond loss and also improves diamond’s value. According to Mr. Prakash Rakholia, Marketing Director of Sahajanand Technologies, straight cut laser sawing helps to maintain pointers, cut-grade and adds value to the polished diamond, which is impossible with V-cut laser sawing.

Mr. Dhirajlal Kotadia, Chairman of Sahajanand Technologies, has mentioned that their joint effort will enable them to supply value enriched diamonds, enabling them to cope with the technological requirements of the quickly emerging diamond segment.


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