IPsoft Announces Opening of Global Autonomic Center in New York City

IPsoft today announced the opening of its global Autonomic Center at 7 World Trade Center in New York City. The center will be dedicated to autonomic research and operations. Timed with the opening of the center, IPsoft will show a preview of its next generation cognitive IT platform, Apollo.

By layering cognitive competence on top of an autonomic backbone, Apollo disintermediates large components of IT overhead and plants the seeds for running unmanned network operations. As a result, IT applications will be able to understand the business user directly without the need for large service centers. This research effort directed towards Uberization of IT has been in development for the last four years and is rolling out to customers later this year.

“The launch of our Autonomic Center is an important milestone for IPsoft and a sign of our continued growth in the autonomics market,” said Chetan Dube, CEO of IPsoft. “We already manage 1 million+ critical devices directly and have a library of 20,000+ automations which are being used to deliver end-to-end automation within 1,000+ end-user organizations every day. As we extend our partner network amongst the world’s leading service providers we expect this number to continue to grow at double digit rates. The Autonomic Center will enable our clients to increase effectiveness of their infrastructure and maximize ROI by serving as the autonomous engine that keeps their IT organization humming.”

Driving a Quantum Shift in IT Management

Leveraging years of proven innovation, IPsoft is driving the market forward with its vision for a new digital labor model that connects business directly to IT. The development of IPsoft’s next generation IT management platform, Apollo, sets out a path towards creating an IT self-service model that puts automation at the center.

“IT of old is going to be disintermediated. Just like Uber disintermediated the taxi cab company, algorithmic IT will revolutionize legacy structures and establish end-to-end automated IT operations that deliver a step change in efficiency,” said Dube.

Recognizing the impact of IPsoft’s solutions on the market, Dr. Tom Reuner, Managing Director, Research, HfS Research commented:

“IPsoft is strongly positioned across in HfS’ Intelligent Automation Continuum spanning both the Autonomics Platforms and Cognitive Computing categories that make up the Continuum evolving toward broader notions of artificial intelligence. The launch of the IPsoft Autonomic Center is a sign of the company’s continued investment in the development of intelligent automation solutions that are changing the construct of the modern IT workforce.”

Chetan Dube will preview Apollo at an event on June 29 to mark the opening of the Autonomic Center. Following his keynote, industry executives and advisors, including ISG and Alvarez and Marsal will be discussing the implications of this new vision on IT organizations. The Autonomics Center is located at 7 World Trade Center, New York.

Source: http://www.ipsoft.com/

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