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HIFU Prostrate Services Places Sonablate HIFU Robotic System at Florida Hospital

HIFU Prostate Services, LLC, the most experienced provider of HIFU for prostate cancer and with the largest network of HIFU physicians, has placed a Sonablate HIFU system at Florida Hospital Celebration Health under the direction of Dr. Vipul Patel. Dr. Patel is widely considered the world’s expert in robotic-assisted prostatectomy (prostate removal), having performed over 9,500, and leads the efforts at the Global Robotics Institute in Celebration, FL.

HIFU, which stand for high intensity focused ultrasound, is a non-surgical, radiation-free, single outpatient procedure that uses focused sound waves to heat and destroy tissue in the prostate. In October 2015, the FDA cleared HIFU for prostate tissue ablation.

The Sonablate system was installed in May at Florida Hospital and Dr. Patel has successfully treated patients in Celebration. “My patients have done very well with the HIFU treatment and we look forward to implementing this novel technology into our treatment options,” commented Dr. Vipul Patel.

“HIFU represents an important new tool in prostate cancer treatment. Focal therapy has the potential to provide a new avenue for our patients,” said Dr. Patel.

Men diagnosed with prostate cancer are often forced to choose between invasive treatment, such as surgery or radiation, or watchful waiting, simply monitoring the disease over time. HIFU is helping men find middle ground in choosing a treatment option that eliminates the disease but also preserves quality of life.

The precision of HIFU allows for full gland ablation or targeted focal treatments just treating the cancerous tumor, similar to a lumpectomy for breast cancer. Focal therapy, often referred to as a “male lumpectomy,” is a general term for a variety of noninvasive techniques for destroying small tumors inside the prostate while leaving the gland intact and sparing most of its healthy tissue.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to work with Dr. Patel and his team of prostate cancer experts at Florida Hospital’s Global Robotics Institute. Dr. Patel is a pioneer and thought leader in the field of urology and prostate cancer,” said John Linn, chief executive officer, HIFU Prostate Services.


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