Dassault Offers Robotic Solutions to Ohio Northern University

Dassault Systemes, a global provider of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) applications, has declared that its long-term academic collaboration with Ohio Northern University’s Department of Technological Studies has enabled the Manufacturing Technology students to transform their classroom instructions into real-world applications, thereby revealing positive outcome for both academicians and private industries.

DELMIA Human, DPM assembly, QUEST software, CATIA and robotics will help in teaching the students on manufacturing and simulation.

Paul Nutter, Associate Professor, Ohio Northern University has stated that their students are provided with options of learning these innovative and competent manufacturing software applications, which has offered them a major benefit in their job opportunities. He added that recently, companies like KTH Parts Industries and various OEMs have recruited their graduates.

The student groups are also assigned OEM and supplier projects, thereby offering them an opportunity to visualize how digital innovations can influence real-world manufacturing. The latest project for KTH involved examining a robotic welding cell comprising a double position turn- table and two robots. It was found that to cope with the new manufacturing demand, the existing cycle time had to be decreased by at least 20%. The students assessed the robotic cell and its various processes. After obtaining the weld line design from the company, they utilized DELMIA Robotics for creating the work- cell since it can assist them to build, simulate and interpret their results within a span of five weeks of the project inception.

The partner companies of Ohio Northern University can interpret the information obtained from these projects and then enhance it internally. The project students insisted KTH to execute their solution for reducing the cycle time which can significantly increase the company’s productivity without overtime necessities.

Kevin Casanova, Manager of Engineering, KTH Parts Industries, stated that this collaboration enables the students to understand the manufacturing technology and it also provides a great opportunity for KTH to recruit these expert engineers who can positively influence the company’s performance. He added that these programs will help them to remain as a top competitor in the market.

Source: http://www.3ds.com

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