DJI Unveils New Ultra-Portable, Movidius-Powered Mavic Pro Drone

Today, world leading drone and flying camera maker DJI unveiled yet another drone with flight autonomy utilizing Movidius technology. At a special event, DJI unveiled the new ultra-portable Mavic Pro with a suite of advanced features relying on computer vision technology.

Credit: Movidius

The Myriad 2 VPU is an ultra-low power, high performance processor designed specifically for applications such as intelligent flying cameras, otherwise known as drones. Using the newest version of Myriad 2 – the MA2155 programmable VPU, DJI has been able to develop industry leading flight features in their drones. Just like the Myriad MA2100-based Phantom 4 released earlier this year, the Mavic Pro is able to sense and avoid obstacles in front of its path, hover in a static position without the need for GPS, and automatically follow subjects through advanced machine learning algorithms. With the Mavic Pro, DJI has utilized the MA2155 processor in order to deliver even more vision-based capabilities such as the ability to understand gesture commands, and an ultra-accurate landing system that combines optical tracking and GPS in order to be able to land within a single inch of the original takeoff position. DJI has also upgraded its Active Track (“follow me”) by adding three new functions.

To achieve these industry leading autonomous flight capabilities, the Mavic Pro utilizes the newest in the Myriad 2 family of processors: the MA2155. Compared to its predecessor, MA2155 features 30% improved power efficiency, and thanks to V2.5 of the proprietary SHAVE cores, a 30% increase in performance. MA2155 also includes a camera-grade Image Signal Processor (ISP) and encrypted boot for enhanced security.

Movidius CEO, Remi El-Ouazzane commented on the new device:

“It is tremendously encouraging to see DJI rate of innovation in their products, which signals how much opportunity lies ahead in the drone space. After the Phantom 4 debuted the first ever consumer-grade flight autonomy system powered by Myriad 2, it set the standard for flight features to this day. We are delighted that DJI is rolling out Myriad 2-based visual intelligence in even more advanced implementations. It reaffirms and energizes us in our philosophy of bringing on-device artificial intelligence and machine vision technology to all sorts of consumer devices.”

The Mavic will be available from DJI in mid-October.


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