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AT&F Cleveland Unveils Large Robotic Welding System

AT&F Cleveland is pleased to announce the addition of a large robotic welding system to our full line of robotic welding capabilities. The multi-axis programmable welding arm can perform consistent, quality welds at high speeds and can tackle very complex welding situations where conventional welding methods would prove too costly. The robotic welding system is part of AT&F's commitment to invest in customer success through continuous equipment improvement.

AT&F (Credit: PRNewsFoto/AT&F Cleveland)

The enormous system is capable of welding lengths up to 40 feet (12m) long and 20 feet (6m) high. Six axes on the arm allow for an extreme range of motion and unprecedented precision, while two sets of 30,000 lb (13,610kg) turning rolls and a 120,000 lb (54,430kg) turntable position the heavy workpiece. The machine has a maximum pass speed of 30 inches (76cm) per minute, making quick work of difficult welds.

Installed in the arm of the robot is an optical laser system that determines the position and orientation of a workpiece and automatically adjusts for any variation. Even minor variations in the workpiece can drastically affect weld quality, so the integrated robotics correct for these potentially compromising defects. This autonomous correction feature consistently produces quality welds as long as 40 feet (12m). From military applications to demanding commercial projects, AT&F's robotic welding system can handle the most complex and difficult design features.

"We are always striving to be on the cutting edge, and I think that our venture into robotics shows these efforts very clearly," President and CEO Michael Forde Ripich stated. "AT&F is interested in much more than just customer satisfaction. From state of the art 5 axis waterjet and laser cutting, to heavy forming and machining to hybrid laser and robotic welding, everything we do drives customer success."


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