CES 2017: AvatarMind to Unveil New iPal Social Companion Robot

AvatarMind invites CES attendees to be among the first to get hands-on experience with the new iPal™ social companion robot at the iPal Playground, Booth #44754 in the Family and Technology Marketplace at the Sands Expo during CES 2017. Kids and adults can get a sneak preview of the robot, watch it sing, dance, navigate a maze, and interact with the humanoid educational companion before its 2017 launch. iPal is expected to ship in China in the first quarter, followed by U.S. availability later in the year.

Kid-sized Fun That's Parent-Approved

Designed to serve as a learning and safety companion for children, iPal provides hours of entertainment, education and physical play to get kids up off the couch and out from in front of the TV, while fostering social and educational growth, as well as encouraging an interest in science and technology. iPal's educational programs provide age-appropriate interactive learning and fun, tablet-based content to supplement classroom curricula and give kids a head start in school.

At 3.5 feet tall, iPal is perfectly child-sized—children can dance, sing, play games and physically interact with a moving, talking robot, complete with contextually appropriate responses. With its built-in camera and WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity, parents can use iPal to keep an eye on children and/or their caregivers from another room or anywhere outside the home, and even talk and interact with children remotely. iPal also enables safe social media access for children, allowing them to chat with friends, share videos and more without worry.

"iPal can make the everyday lives of parents a little easier and provide a much richer experience for children compared just to sitting in front of a TV or screen. However, iPal is not intended to be a standalone baby sitter, a replacement for parents or a substitute for making friends with kids their own age—certainly no robot can or should take the place of parents or friends," said John Ostrem, CEO of AvatarMind.

Smart Companionship for Every Generation

iPal can also bridge generations, serving as a companion for elders living alone who, due to health or mobility challenges, may not get the social interaction they'd like or may need a bit of assistance around the house. iPal can aid in medication compliance, medical monitoring and supplement professional care services to help the elderly live independently longer.

For loved ones, iPal provides peace of mind by allowing families to check in on aging family members to be sure they're safe using any smartphone or web browser to connect to iPal. The robot also serves as a communication bridge, facilitating spontaneous conversations across the miles between grandparents and their grandchildren.

"In many ways, seniors face some of the same challenges as children—physical inactivity and the need to stay connected with those who care about them," Ostrem said. "iPal provides stimulation, companionship and peace of mind for every generation."

Robust Technology Built for Real Life

iPal is equipped with many motors, providing exceptional range of motion in the arms, neck and for locomotion. Three infrared and five ultrasound sensors provide short and long range object detection with built-in obstacle collision avoidance software, while a 1.3 MP camera and six microphones capture and record video and sound. iPal's standard high-performance battery provides a full day of typical use, while an optional upgraded battery runs for nearly three full days on a single charge. iPal is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible and fully cloud connected for remote accessibility from anywhere.

The iPal Robot Development Platform

AvatarMind also will be offering its iPal robot development platform that enables partners with expertise in a specific area, like elder care, to create their own branded robot products at a fraction of the time and cost of developing a robot from scratch.  Please see John Ostrem or Madeline Duva about the iPal Platform program in the AvatarMind Booth #44754 at CES.

To experience iPal firsthand before its retail availability, visit AvatarMind at Booth #44754 in the Family and Technology Marketplace at the Sands Expo during CES 2017 going on now through Jan. 8

Source: http://www.avatarmind.com/

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