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Sunny WebBox with Bluetooth for Remote Monitoring Solar PV Plants

SMA Solar Technology has introduced a new device called the Sunny WebBox with Bluetooth for solar photovoltaic facility monitoring, remote analysis and data storage for small to medium size facilities of up to 100 kW.

SMA’s instinctive online platform, the Sunny Portal web interface, collects and analyzes plant performance data from the Sunny WebBox and transfers data through the Intelligent Bluetooth communication. This facilitates the easy accessibility of plant operation data by both onsite and offsite through remote workstations and via mobile equipment.

The Sunny WebBox with Bluetooth incorporates easily into solar photovoltaic systems. It is wirelessly connecting up to 50 SMA devices that include the Sunny SensorBox with Bluetooth within 100 m. The devices located outside the 100 m range can be linked utilizing the Bluetooth Repeater.

The Sunny WebBox with Bluetooth enables free contact to the Sunny Portal for user-friendly monitoring, management and presentation of solar power facilities. This latest technology offers information such as inverter output per year, month or day instantaneously. The Sunny Portal instantly reports to solar experts whether the average expected output of the system is attained.

The Sunny WebBox with Bluetooth can also decrease the requirement for onsite repair of solar power systems. Via continuous reports detecting any plant incidences, the Sunny WebBox with Bluetooth enables  remote analysis via the Sunny Portal.


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