The RPA Academy Launches Live Online Courses in Robotic Process Automation

The RPA Academy ( today launched live online courses in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The first onsite course starts in New York City on June 5th, 2017. For the first time anyone from business leaders to analysts and developers can easily access instructor-led training on the Blue Prism and Automation Anywhere platforms.

Starting with Blue Prism and Automation Anywhere courses, The RPA Academy seeks to address the huge RPA skills shortage that is hindering market growth. The US, UK, Canada, Australia and India have the most pressing needs, but it is the same issue in many other countries, with employers unable to find enough trained staff.

Business leaders are trying to understand how to implement RPA in their organizations. And then they struggle to find resources skilled in RPA to implement and run their platforms.

Live, online classes mean that anyone can easily access the RPA classes. By providing online training in the RPA platforms and RPA operations, individuals and organizations can learn the technical and business applications of Robotic Process Automation.

In addition, the Academy's Onsite Blue Prism Foundation Course starts in New York on the 5th and 12th June and last 5 days. Classes will then be held in cities across the US, Canada and Australia.

Strategy and project management classes are for business leaders, operations leads, and support functions, with content covering specific sectors (Banking, Insurance, Medical etc.), specific verticals (HR, Finance, Customer Services etc.), and issue-specific content (e.g. Compliance, Data Privacy, Disaster Recover etc.)

RPA platform courses in Blue Prism and Automation Anywhere are for analysts and developers to train and get accreditation. People can sign up to learn for personal development. Or organizations can enroll their employees to train for using the RPA platform that they have selected.

Until now it has been difficult for employees to access instructor-led RPA training. Once they have the training and accreditation they have a skill-set that is in demand now and will be valuable for years to come.

The RPA skills shortages have driven hourly rates well above $100 for projects and high salaries for permanent positions.

The Academy launches with a Blue Prism Foundation Course, Automation Anywhere Courses, classes in RPA Strategy and classes in RPA for Financial Services.

Founded by New York-based business consultant, Edward Brooks, The RPA Academy makes it fast, easy and affordable to access expert knowledge and information. Edward Brooks said today, "Conferences only skim the surface of this subject. And consultancy firms are stretched too thin to help all their clients. So we've made it simple and easy to access live expert-led content, whether you are an executive or a developer."

He continued, "The market is a victim of its own success. Knowledge and training on the RPA platforms is a real bottleneck to the growth of the market globally. Major countries in every region are facing significant skills shortages."

"Until now it has been almost impossible for anyone to get training on the RPA platforms without sponsorship from RPA companies. The RPA Academy makes that knowledge and training available to anyone."


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