Vortex Provides High-Performance Real-Time Data Connectivity Solution for Lely's Automated Milking System

PrismTech™, a World Leader in software platforms for distributed systems, announced that Lely has selected its Vortex™ intelligent data sharing platform in order to guarantee real-time data connectivity for the Lely Astronaut, the company’s automated robotic milking machines.

Credit: PrismTech

Lely, a Dutch based agricultural technology company, supplies a whole portfolio of services and products ranging from automated feeding systems to automatic milking robots and barn cleaners.

The Lely Astronaut is an automated milking system that performs the role of milking, feeding and monitoring the health of cows. This milking system also examines the quality and quantity of the milk received from the cows, and if needed, it separates milk that is not to the correct standard or is contaminated. Each cow is provided with a transmitter, which allows the system to identify the cow through a unique number, and specific records for each cow is maintained by a management system. These records are used by the Lely Astronaut to manage the feeding and milking of a cow when it enters the milking robot.

PrismTech’s Vortex enables real-time data connectivity for machines and devices based on the Object Management Group®'s (OMG®) Data-Distribution Service (DDS) standard.  Vortex comprises of DDS implementations that can be employed for supporting different device technologies, programming languages needed by a project and operating systems. It is a vital enabler for systems that have to securely and reliably deliver high volumes of real-time data with strict end-to-end qualities-of-service.

Vortex provides Lely with a wide range of capabilities for its control monitoring systems such as configurable QoS framework, shared memory architecture, platform portability and automatic discovery, which together save valuable development time and enable system-wide scalability.

Because of our constant drive to innovate we have been able to introduce a range of ground-breaking products to the market which really changed the lives of farmers. After an extensive evaluation, PrismTech was our clear partner of choice.  Vortex will provide our systems with efficient, secure and interoperable real-time data sharing.

Nico Berkhoudt, Product Development Manager, Lely

“We are very pleased to add Lely to our growing list of customers who are using Vortex in their agricultural systems,” said Hans van’t Hag, Vortex Product Manager, PrismTech.  “This is another example of the proliferation of Vortex into new and exciting Internet of Things markets.”

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