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Wexham Park Hospital Surgeons to Demonstrate da Vinci Robot to European Surgeons

Several European surgeons visited Wexham Park Hospital to learn about the vital aspects of the da Vinci surgical robot.

The da Vinci robot enables surgeons to perform the operation by looking at a screen. The screen displays three dimensional images of the patient’s anatomical structures.

da Vinci Robot

The surgeon controls the robot by means of foot pedals and hand-seized controls. The movement of the surgeon’s wrist, hand and foot will be exactly replicated as accurate real motions of surgical devices inside the patient.

Wexham Park was the first medical center in the nation to procure the da Vinci robot and till date around 260 robotic procedures have been performed. The surgeons of the medical center have treated human lower torso related problems.

Omer Karim, Consultant Urologist for the Trust, has mentioned that proficient surgeons all over from Europe have identified Wexham as a major UK centre for robotic procedures, which is a real honor for the hospital.


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