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New Driverless Robot Takes Hospitality to Next Level

Cali Singapore is happy to release a lasts news published in Sky News Australia, where our cute robot "Cobie" got introduced to Australian citizens.

Here is a must watch features news video that takes Cali Singapore, Hotel Park Avenue Rochester and most importantly "Cobie" to the next level of hospitality not only in Singapore but all over the world.

"Future of Hospitality, its name is Robot or rather Cobie - The Robot Waiter at Park Avenue, Rochester, Singapore. Cobie is the first in Driver-less technology. He can not only do table service to the Hotel Cali Café, but he can also do room service." Reported by Mrs. Lianne

She has also compared Cobie with the last attempt of Domino's Pizza delivery cars in America which was quite promising.

She added "Unlinked by the driver-less Pizza delivery cars currently being trailed by the Dominos in America Cobi can find the front door, in fact, what he does is take lift, he finds your room, he calls your number, and then when you open the door all you have to press a button then it's compartment slides door and you take your plate and food."

According to the owners of Cali Café Singapore, it has been noticed that Cobie has increased productivity at the Hotel. "But what has appeared customer's feedback is overwhelmingly positive, and Cobie's parents are delighted. In fact, they said he is increasing productivity at the Part Avenue Hotel, and more importantly he is hoping combat Singapore's acute labor shortage. Hoping to see similar to Cobie sometime shortly in Australia." Reported By Senior Reporter Mrs. Nessia


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