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Measure Expands Drone-Powered Solutions to Aid Construction and Engineering

Measure, the largest U.S. provider of drone services for enterprise customers, has stated an expansion plan of its drone-powered solutions for the Engineering, Architecture and Construction industries with packages designed to enhance project monitoring/documentation, site development, and stockpile/earthwork measurement.

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The new solutions help promote successful and profitable project completion by providing improved visibility into construction progress, material availability, and site conditions at a fraction of the cost of traditional survey techniques.

The company's drone-based data imaging and reporting services enable Builders, Architects, Civil Engineers, Site Owners, and Inspectors to make the most of drone technology without the expense and time of forming in-house drone programs. The new packages include:

  • Pre-construction surveys providing rich aerial imagery enabling all stakeholders in the procure-design-build lifecycle to assess sites and plan for construction logistical operations using present site conditions. Uses range from due diligence for site selection to pre-bidding site analysis, design presentations with stormwater runoff planning, site image and 3D overlays, and more.
  • Project documentation providing monthly or weekly remote monitoring of building status on active construction sites and a historical record of project progress. The solution facilitates stakeholder updates, safety and logistics planning using current conditions, legal documentation, identification of disparities between blueprints and actual work, data collection for permit reviews, and other needs with high-resolution aerial photos and precision measurements. It also enables well-timed BIM software integration.
  • Volumetrics providing drone-based stockpile and earthwork measurement that is faster, safer and more economical than manned surveys. Recurring volumetric analysis makes it possible to compare projected grading plans with true topographic conditions as well as assess granular change comparisons over a period of time. The solution also offers cut and fill analysis and material usage insights for production planning.

All solutions were formulated by Measure's in-house construction experts working in collaboration with customers in the AEC sector. Measure can deliver data in any format desirable by the customer to address various stakeholder requirements.

Other advantages of working with Measure include access to the company's countrywide network of professional Drone Pilots and Expert Data Analysts, a platform-agnostic method that guarantees use of the best-fit drone software and hardware for a variety of applications, and risk mitigation accomplished through standardized processes and the market's most robust insurance coverage.

These new solution packages help drive critical site management decisions through every step of the construction lifecycle. The combination of best-in-class technology, flight operations and data analytics workflows delivers essential tools that can both simplify and strengthen planning, compliance and monitoring for all stakeholders on any project.

Rob Rasnic, Measure VP, AEC

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