QIHAN’s Sanbot Robot Assists Visitors and Improves the Litigation Process

Officials at Beijing First Intermediate People's Court, earlier this month, started to use Sanbot King Kong, an AI-powered robot that has been designed by QIHAN, in order to execute basic litigation services at the courthouse. Xiaofa, the service robot, joins more than 30 intelligent solutions lately launched as part of the Court’s All-orientation Service & Whole-process Conciliation.

Beijing First Intermediate People's Court deploys Sanbot King Kong robot, named Xiaofa, to assist visitors and perform basic litigation services. (Photo: QIHAN Technology Co. Ltd.)

At 1.5 m, Xiaofa is available with multiple 3D vision simultaneous localization and mapping (vSLAM) cameras and six inbuilt microphones, enabling it to work together with courthouse visitors and carry out basic litigation services. Xiaofa is powered by IBM Watson and Nuance, and uses innovative speech recognition technology in order to transfer visitor inquiries to chosen service portals.

The Xiaofa humanoid robot is capable of memorizing and explaining over 7,000 Chinese laws and regulations, allowing it to assist visitors who would like to learn more about the litigation process, its rules and details of prior cases.

Zhao Lan, litigation management official at Beijing First Intermediate People's Court.

Xiaofa’s intelligent litigation services will provide convenience to citizens and lawyers by reducing cost of resources and wait time, and increasing efficiency within a market that is growing rapidly.

Integrating robots is a cost-effective, efficient way to provide important information to the public sector, from the home to the factory and now to the courthouse, robotics-as-a-service is an instrumental industry solution that is transforming how we interact with the world around us.

Ryan Wu, vice president of QIHAN.

The Beijing First Intermediate People's Court is one of several government departments present in the Chinese public sector to adopt robotic and artificial intelligence services. Other locations to launch their own Xiaofa intelligent service robots this year are the Intermediate People’s Court of Nanjing, Guangzhou Baiyun District People’s Court and Xi’an.

The official release of Sanbot King Kong will be performed at CES 2018, at Booth No. 25436, South Hall 2, LVCC, Las Vegas, NV, USA, from Jan. 9 - 12, 2018.

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