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READY Robotics Announces TaskMate Platform for Quick Deployment of Robotic Automation

READY Robotics, the first fully-integrated robotic system capable of being deployed in hours, announces an enterprise-ready hardware and software platform that makes it dramatically easier for large scale factories to deploy robotic automation in one day.

Previously, industrial robot deployment required weeks, if not months of time, a lot of upfront capital and robotic expertise, and even then the robot is only programmed to perform a single task. READY Robotics offers a flexible automation platform that allows factories to deploy robots within hours and with the added ability to almost instantly switch between tasks.

It is this type of easy integration and painless programming that makes the TaskMate so valuable to READY's newest customer: Stanley Black & Decker. Stanley Black & Decker operates dozens of factories worldwide, each running many industrial machine tools on a regular basis.

"My team is always on the lookout for disruptive technologies, especially ones that democratize a way of doing things," said Harry Zhong, Technical Lead, Infrastructure Innovation. "The Ready Robotics solution makes it so easy to do pop up automation that not only will it change the way we manufacture but it will also shift the way we design and validate." Once the team started working with READY Robotics, the TaskMate deployed to a Haas SL-series CNC lathe within one day and was able to complete production runs.

"Our overall goal is to get to that lights out operation for maximum flexibility and efficiency and the TaskMate system is a first step for us on that journey. Couple the ease of setup with capable performance and we can achieve an ROI in less than two years on this first application alone," said James Olsen, Manufacturing Engineering Manager at the Stanley Black & Decker pilot facility.

READY Robotics previously announced $3.75 million in seed funding from a syndicate led by Eniac Ventures and RRE Ventures with notable contributions from Sagamore Ventures, Emerald Development Managers and others.


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