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TiaLinx Releases Cougar20-H Mini-Robot System

TiaLinx has unveiled Cougar20-H, the latest lightweight mini-robot that can be deployed for detecting movement and snooping for a person’s breathing in a premise. The robot can be controlled safely from a remote place.

Cougar20-H Mini-Robot

The mini-robot is highly responsive and it has a docile arm. The robot features an array of multi-Gigahertz radio frequency (RF) sensors and fine beam ultra-wideband (UWB) of TiaLinx. It offers continuous supervision of a premise by tracing motions and identifying static live entities. The instantaneous UWB RF Imaging development of the company was funded by an SBIR Phase II from the Army's PEO AMMO, PM-CCS.

The interface of the Cougar20-H is controlled by a built-in software and it can be included in a laptop. The robot can be controlled remotely to carry out crucial operations. Its multiple surveillance cameras offer round-the-clock visibility of a compound under investigation, resulting in the improved awareness of real-time conditions.

The robotic arm holds the RF scanner. The directional signals emitted by the scanner can pass through even fortified concrete wall at a broader range. A signal detector circuit is included in the receiver to receive the signals from target entities. In addition, an inbuilt signal processor helps in processing the amplitude of the received reflection as well as delayed data.

Dr. Fred Mohamadi, Founder and CEO of TiaLinx, has stated that Cougar20-H’s sense-through-the-wall (STTW) ability is far superior to the earlier version Cougar10-L. He added that Cougar10-L offers horizontal scanning of a premise for unexploded ordnance (UXO) and vertical scanning for STTW, whereas Cougar20-H provides several way points from a remote place, enabling scanning of the premise in a high-rise building as well as offering its design. He mentioned that their company is frequently upgrading the core competence of UWB RF Imaging to offer continuous monitoring of a premise.

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