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Global Strategic Business Report on Artificial Intelligence Market

The "Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Global Strategic Business Report" report has been added to's offering.

The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of World. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2015 through 2024. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in US$ Million.

The Global market is further analyzed by the following Technologies and End-Use Sectors:


  • Robotics
  • Deep Learning
  • Digital Personal Assistant
  • Context-Aware Processing
  • Others

End-Use Sectors

  • BFSI
  • Manufacturing
  • Media & Advertising
  • Retail
  • Automotive
  • Healthcare
  • Others

Key Topics Covered:


Artificial Intelligence (AI): Allowing Machines to Perform Human-like Tasks, Automate Processes, Improve Productivity and Enhance User Experience
Digitization of Business, Industrial & Consumer Processes and Expanding Use Cases to Propel AI Revenues Worldwide
Inherent Advantages of AI Technology to Accelerate Adoption in Varied Applications
Data Deluge from Digital Devices: AI Emerges as a Solution to Manage, Analyze and Gain Insights from Data
Constant Advancements in Computing Power: An Essential Factor for Commercialization of AI Applications
AI-based Software Segment Captures Major Share of Global AI Market
Developed Markets Dominate AI Market, Asia-Pacific to Spearhead Future Growth
Countries Adopt Strategic Plans to Promote AI
Automotive and Healthcare: Promising End-Use Markets for Artificial Intelligence
Deep Learning and Digital Assistant Technologies Present Significant Growth Potential
Challenges Restraining AI Adoption
Investors Flock to Fund AI Startups: An Indication to the High Potential of AI Technology
Use of AI Algorithms among Unicorns across Industries
AI Research Continues to Attract Investment

Rising Significance of Internet of Things (IoT) for AI
Convergence of AI and IoT: Creating Intelligent and Smart Things
Artificial Intelligence Vital for IoT
Shift to Adaptive Technology
Funding to AI in IoT/IIoT
Promising Early Stage AI Companies in IoT and IIoT Sector
AI as a Service Market: Obviating the Need to Make Huge Initial Investments
Increasing Adoption of AI Technology to Boost AI Chipsets Market
Combination of Robotics and AI Set to Cause Significant Disruption in Various Industries
AI Set to Transform Service Robotics Market
Industrial Robots Evolve as Thinkers with Advancements in AI
Catalysts for Innovations in Artificial Intelligence Market
The Use of Unsupervised Learning Models
Advent of Small Data
Deep Reasoning
Improved Hardware and Efficient Algorithms
A Review of Major Technology Trends in the Artificial Intelligence Market
Deep Learning to Understand Functioning of Neural Networks
Deep Reinforcement Learning to Resolve Business Problems
Augmented and Lean Data Learning to Mitigate Labeled Data Issue
Generative Adversarial Network to Enable Learning and Lower Processing Load
Hybrid Learning for Modeling Uncertainty
Probabilistic Programming Languages for Model Development
Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) for Model Creation
Explainable AI to Understand Machine Learning Algorithms
Digital Twins for Nonphysical Objects or Processes
Notable Trends in the Artificial Intelligence Market
Launch of Autonomous Vehicles
Rising Significance of AI for Content Creation
Increasing Integration of Robotics into Everyday Life
Growing Significance of Capsule Networks
Broader Adoption across Enterprises
Facial Recognition Gains Traction
Growing Power of Personal Assistants
Popularity of Voice-based Assistants
Trend towards Decentralized AI
Logistics to Attain High Efficiency
Rising Focus on Narrow AI
Peer-to-Peer Networks for Higher Transparency
Transition towards Automated Machine Learning
Increasing Adoption of Cloud for Machine Learning
Growing Significance of CNNs
Embedded Deep Learning: Focus of Software Development Efforts
AI Market to Shift towards Open Data Sources
Machine Learning as a Service to Gain Prominence
Rising Significance of Robotics Process Automation (RPA)
Emergence of Intelligent AI-Integrated Apps in Enterprises
AI Developments to Enable Emotional Understanding
Interesting and Novel Uses of Artificial Intelligence in 2017
Smart Speakers
iPhone X
Leka Smart Toy
NASA Uses Machine Learning
Big Data Trends to Shape Future of Artificial Intelligence
Business Intelligence
Real-Time Targeting
Edge Computing
Efficient Document Management
Blockchain Technology
Intelligent Networks Essential for Enabling Connectivity
Impact of AI on the Job Market - Despite Concerns Many Positives Exist

Aviation Industry: A Nascent End-Use with Tremendous Untapped Potential for AI Technology
Air Transport Industry Taps AI for Efficient Baggage Handling
AI-Enabled Advanced Electronic Warfare Systems Help Airborne Platforms to Counter Threats from Adaptive Radars
Intelligent Drones and AI Technology to Provide Actionable Intelligence and Insights
AI in Media & Advertising: Targeting Customers with Right Marketing Content
Funding for AI in Advertising & Marketing
Promising Early Stage AI Companies in Advertising and Marketing Sector
Possibilities Galore for AI in Digital Marketing
Marketing Functions Where AI is Yet Impossible to Deploy
AI-Enabled CRM Market: Promising Growth Opportunities in Store
Artificial Intelligence to Transform Delivery of Healthcare Services
Healthcare AI Market to Experience Remarkable Expansion
AI to Improve Basic Healthcare Services
AI Potential in Improving Utilization of Resources
Growing Focus on Patient Care and Management
R&D Efforts to Promote Use AI in Healthcare
Robot-Assisted Surgery and Virtual Nursing Assistants: Major Applications in Healthcare AI Market
AI in Medical Diagnostics and Pharmaceutical Sectors
Rising Prevalence of Diabetes to Drive AI Adoption in Diabetes Management Market
North America Dominates the Global Healthcare AI Market
Despite High Potential, Certain Barriers Restrain AI Adoption in Healthcare Sector
AI in Healthcare Market - A Fragmented Landscape
Healthcare AI Attracts Investor Interest
Promising Early-Stage AI Companies in Healthcare Industry
AI in Retail Market: Multi-Channel Retailing and e-Commerce Favor Segment Growth
AI for a Competitive Edge for Retail Organizations
Emerging AI Tools Set to Transform the Retail Industry
E-Commerce: A Sector with Tremendous Potential for AI Technology
Recommendation Engines
Visual Search and Listen
Design Optimization and Design Forecasting
Consumer Insights
Sales Forecasting and Supply Chain Optimization
AI to Play a Part in Reviving In-Store Sales
Optimizing Store Location: AI Comes to the Aid
Funding for AI in Commerce
Promising Early Stage AI Companies in Commerce Sector
AI in Education Market to Exhibit Exponential Growth
Focus on ITS, IAL and Chatbots Favors Market Growth
North America and Europe Lead AI in Education Market
Agriculture Sector: A Promising Market for AI Implementations
AI Technologies Used in Agricultural Activities - A Review
AI Tracks Commercial Fishing Activity
Blue River Technology Offers See and Spray Technique
Harvest CROO Robotics Develops Robotic Strawberry Picker
Connecterra Develops Ida
Automotive AI Market: Need to Enhance Customer Experience and Increasing Focus on Autonomous Vehicles Propels Growth
Driverless Cars - The Ultimate Future of AI in Auto industry
Autonomous Cars - Underlying Issues Affecting AI Market
Automakers Focus on Integrating AI-Powered Driver Assist Features in Vehicles
AI to Enhance Connectivity, Provide Infotainment and Enhance Safety in Vehicles
AI for Smart Insurance Risk Assessment of Vehicles
Advanced Technologies Helping Auto Industry Come Up with More Sophistication in New Car Models
Artificial Intelligence to Transform and Redraw Manufacturing Landscape
A Glance at Some Major Technologies Facilitating AI Adoption in Manufacturing Sector
Industrial IoT, Robotics and Big Data to Stimulate AI Implementations
AI Enables Smart Manufacturing with Numerous Benefits
Adaptive Manufacturing
Demand-based Production
Automated Quality Control
Predictive Maintenance
Safety of Workplaces
AI Moves from Factory Floor to Supply Chain and Beyond
AI to Penetrate New Markets
Gains in Store for Disruptors
Major Giants Embrace Machine Learning Tools to Improve Manufacturing Process
Food & Beverage Industry to Leverage AI Capabilities to Resolve Production Issues and Match Up to Customer Expectations
Rising Instances of Cyber Crimes Provides Impetus to AI Use in Cybersecurity Market
AI Adoption Gains Acceptance in Modern Warfare Systems in the Defense Sector
Financial Sector - AI and Machine Learning Offer Numerous Gains to Market Players
AI Aiding Fintech Companies to Build Personal Connections with Customers
Futuristic AI to be a Turning Point for Financial Technology Companies
Fintech Deploys AI to Target Millennials
Global Millennial Population Facts & Figures: Important Opportunity Indicators
Banking Sector Looks Towards AI to Build Internal Competencies
Energy & Utilities: Complex Landscape and High Risk of Malfunctions Enhances Need for AI-based Systems
Growing Need to Enhance E&P Operations to Spur Adoption of AI in Oil & Gas Market
AI in Construction Sector: Need for Cost Reduction and Safety at Construction Sites Drive Focus onto the Use of AI-based Solutions

History of AI
The 1950s
The 1960s
The 1970s
The 1980s
The 1990s
The New Millennium
Rise of AI
Science of AI
Smart Computers
AI Program
Developing an AI System
Multi-Agent Systems
AI and Brain
AI and Biological Intelligence
Intelligent System Characteristics
AI and Information Retrieval
AI Systems in Practice
Intelligent System Methodologies
Expert Systems (ES)
Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)
Belief Networks
Decision Support Systems (DSS)
Fuzzy Systems
Genetic Algorithms (GA)
Intelligent Software Agents (ISA)
Case-Based Reasoning (CBR)
Data Mining
Language Technology (LT)
Types of AI
Weak AI
Strong AI
Other AI Domains
Intelligent System Families with Broad Applicability
Intelligent Simulation Systems (ISS)
Intelligent Information Resources
Intelligent Project Coaches

General AI Techniques
Broad AI Applications
AI in Business
History of Commercial AI Applications in Business
AI Methods in Business
Expert Systems (ES)
Expert System Applications in Various Domains
Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)
ANN Techniques
Artificial Neural Networks Applications in Various Domains
Evolutionary Algorithms (EA)
Genetic Algorithms
Genetic Programming
Evolutionary Programming & Evolution Strategies
Evolutionary/Genetic Algorithm Applications in Various Domains
Hybrid Systems
Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Expert Systems
Data Mining
Business Areas using AI
AI Applications in Business
CRM - Behavior Analysis
CRM - Support and Marketing
Company Management
Production Management
Finance Management
Other Applications
Credit Card Issuers and Collectors
Insurance and Mortgage
Content Management
Future of AI in Business
Company Management
AI in Speech Recognition
Applications of Speech Technologies
Recorded Book Assistant
Telephone Number Detector
Minutes Taker
Live Language Dictionary
Customizable Radio (Radio Broadcasting Based on Requests)
Navigation System
AI in Medicine
AI Methods in Medicine
Producing Alerts and Reminders
Diagnostic Assistance
Information Retrieval Agents
Therapy Analysis and Planning
Image Recognition and Interpretation
AI Applications in Medicine
General AI Applications in Medicine
AI in Education
History and Aim of AI in Education
AI Systems in Education
AI in Space
AI in Space Technology
AI Techniques for Space Applications
Future Space Missions Using AI
AI in Computer Games
AI Methods in Computer Games
Game AI
History of Video Games
AI in Entertainment
AI in Animation
AI in Movies and TV Shows
AI Applications in Movies
AI in Robotics
AI in E-Commerce
AI and Fraud Detection
AI in Vehicles
AI in Engineering
AI in Law
AI and Stock Trading
AI in Factories
AI in Insurance Industry
AI in Media
AI and Real Estate Valuation
AI and Hearing Aids
General Applications of AI
AI Behind the Scenes

AI Marketplace Characterized by Intense Competition
The AI Market Rife with Activity
Growing Focus on AI by Leading Tech Companies with Huge Financial Resources
The Advent of Innovative Startups

7.1 Focus on Select Players
AIBrain, Inc. (USA)
Amazon Web Services (USA)
Baidu, Inc. (China)
Cisco Systems, Inc. (USA)
CloudMinds (USA)
eGain Corporation (USA)
Facebook, Inc. (USA)
General Electric Company (USA)
Google, Inc. (USA)
International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) (USA)
Intel Corporation (USA)
Micron Technology, Inc. (USA)
Microsoft Corporation (USA)
Next IT Corporation (USA)
Nuance Communications, Inc. (USA)
NVIDIA Corporation (USA)
Omron Adept Technologies, Inc. (USA)
Oracle Corporation (USA)
Rockwell Automation, Inc. (USA), inc. (USA)
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (South Korea)
SAP SE (Germany)
SAS Institute Inc. (USA)
Siemens AG (Germany)
Xilinx, Inc. (USA)

7.2 Product Innovations/Introductions
NVIDIA Launches NVIDIA HGX-2 for AI and HPC
Lash Group Introduces AI-Powered Electronic Benefit Verification Solution
Oracle Announces New AI Cloud Applications for Manufacturing Companies
Google Introduces Third Generation AI Chips
NetSuite Announces AI and Machine Learning-based Intelligent Cloud Suite
Oracle Launches AI-based Applications for Oracle Customer Experience (CX) Cloud Suite
SAS Launches SAS Viya with Embedded AI and Automation Capabilities
Philips Introduces AI-based HealthSuite Insights Platform
Nuance Unveils New TTS Technology with Deep Neural Networks
Oracle Unveils AI-based Applications for ERP
Nuance Unveils AI-Powered Solutions for Cars and Smart Homes
Nuance Releases Nuance AI Marketplace for Diagnostic Imaging
EnvoyAI Introduces EnvoyAI Exchange Platform
Microsoft Introduces Azure Databricks
Cray Introduces AI Products for Promoting Deep Learning Adoption
WEVO Unveils AI Platform for Marketers
SAP Introduces Machine Learning Technology for Marketing Campaigns
Oracle Announces AI-based Apps
Squirro Introduces TRINITY for Enterprises
SAP Incorporates ML Capabilities in SAP S/4HANA
LexisNexis Introduces Lexis Answers AI Enhancement in Lexis Advance Offering
Salesforce Launches AI-Powered Salesforce Einstein Analytics
Nielsen Rolls Out Nielsen Artificial Intelligence
SAP Incorporates ML and Predictive Analytics for Cloud-Based Integrated Business Planning Suite

7.3 Recent Industry Activity
Microsoft Takes Over Semantic Machines
Cisco Acquires Accompany
Paylocity Chooses eGain's AI Reasoning Solution for Guiding Customer Service Experience
NVIDIA and Canon Partner for Promoting Deep Learning in Healthcare
C3 IoT Enters into Strategic Partnership with Microsoft for AI in Enterprise Sector
SAS Creates New Division to Combat Fraud with AI and Advanced Analytics
Adobe Inks Strategic Partnership Deal with NVIDIA for AI and Deep Learning Technologies
NVIDIA Forges Partnership with Arm for Deep Learning Technology
L'Oral Takes Over ModiFace
Siemens and Munich Airport in Partnership for Using AI
S&P Global to Take Over Kensho Technologies
Xiaomi and Microsoft Ink Deal to Strengthen AI and Cloud Computing
Publicis Groupe Enters into Partnership with Microsoft for Developing Marcel AI Platform
Uber Selects NVIDIA technology for AI Computing System in Self-Driving Fleets
Volkswagen and NVIDIA Partner to Integrate NVIDIA DRIVE IX Platform in Intelligent Vehicles
Google Establishes New AI Research Center in China
Intuit Chooses AWS for AI and Machine Learning
GE Healthcare and NVIDIA Team Up for Promoting AI Adoption in Healthcare
Nuance and NVIDIA to Provide Machine Learning for Radiology
SAP Expands SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation Group Takes Over Assets of Acquisio
Microsoft Ventures Establishes Innovate. AI in the AI Market
John Deere to Purchase Blue River Technology
Cisco to Take Over MindMeld
Vaisala Takes Over Vionice
Cisco Systems to Acquire Perspica
trivago Takes Over Assets of tripl
Facebook Takes Over Ozlo
Naver Takes Over Company AI
Google Purchases Halli Labs
Nuance Teams Up with Epic for AI-powered Innovations
Apple Takes Over Lattice Data
NVIDIA Enters into Partnership with SAP for AI Business Applications
NVIDIA and Facebook Partner for Caffe2 Deep Learning Framework
Nielsen Takes Over vBrand
Genpact Takes Over Rage Frameworks
Mercedes-Benz Partners with NVIDIA for AI Car Technology
HERE Extends Collaboration with NVIDIA for AI-based HERE HD Live Map
NVIDIA Collaborates with ZENRIN for AI-Powered HD Mapping for Japan
Vector and mPrest Develop AI and ML System for Managing Auckland's Electricity Network
Microsoft Establishes AI-based Healthcare Division
Facebook Sets Up AI Research Lab in Montreal
IBM and MIT Partner to Establish MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab
Microsoft Establishes Microsoft Research AI Lab
Google Forms AI-Focused Neural Network Division



9.1 The United States
A. Market Analysis
Current and Future Analysis
Healthcare: A Promising Application Market for AI Technology
Funding for AI Startups in the US Continues to Grow
Regulatory Support for AI
B. Market Analytics

9.2 Canada
A. Market Analysis
Market Overview
Canada Announces Funding Support for AI Research in Academic Institutions
Top-Tier Canadian Cities Primed for AI Growth
B. Market Analytics

9.3 Japan
A. Market Analysis
Current and Future Analysis
Growing Funding and Support for AI Initiatives in Japan
B. Market Analytics

9.4 Europe
A. Market Analysis
Current and Future Analysis
EU Invests to Promote AI Market
Regulations Promoting AI Market
B. Market Analytics

9.4.1 France
A. Market Analysis
Current and Future Analysis
Samsung and Fujitsu to Extend Capabilities of their AI Competency Centers in France
B. Market Analytics

9.4.2 Germany
Market Analysis

9.4.3 Italy
Market Analysis

9.4.4 The United Kingdom
A. Market Analysis
Current and Future Analysis
UK Announces Major Investment into Development of AI Technology
Government Efforts in AI Space
B. Market Analytics

9.4.5 Spain
Market Analysis

9.4.6 Rest of Europe
Market Analysis

9.5 Asia-Pacific
A. Market Analysis
Asia-Pacific: Public and Private Enterprises Intensify Efforts to Incorporate AI
Despite Huge Potential, AI Confronts Several Challenges in Adoption
B. Market Analytics

9.5.1 China
A. Market Analysis
Current and Future Analysis
China - A Breeding Ground for AI Innovations
A Vast Talent Pool: Advantage China!
Government Support and Increasing Venture Capital Funding
Ambitious AI Development Plan
Future Prospects
China's AI Plans Click into High Gear
China-US AI Rivalry Heats Up
Tech Giants Enter the AI Ring
Alibaba at the Forefront of China's AI and Supercomputing Ambitions
B. Market Analytics

9.5.2 South Korea
A. Market Analysis
Current and Future Analysis
Korean Government Invests in AI Industry
B. Market Analytics

9.5.3 Rest of Asia-Pacific
A. Market Analysis
Current and Future Analysis
Focus on Select Regional Markets
AI Opportunities Knock at Australia's Door
AI Holds Key to Support Australian Fintech Market
AI to Contribute Significantly to India's Economy
Leading Indian e-Commerce Companies Leveraging Potential of AI
AI Efforts of Flipkart
AI Efforts of Amazon India
AI Efforts of Myntra
AI Capable of Addressing India's Healthcare Industry Deficits
B. Market Analytics

9.6 Rest of World
A. Market Analysis
Current and Future Analysis
Middle East to Leverage AI Wave to Achieve Economic Gains
AI Potential Spurs Ambitious Initiatives and Pilot Schemes
UAE Poised to Make Substantial Gains from AI Implementation
Smart Dubai
Driverless Cars
B. Market Analytics


Total Companies Profiled: 153 (including Divisions/Subsidiaries - 156)

  • The United States (97)
  • Canada (8)
  • Japan (3)
  • Europe (26)
    • France (5)
    • Germany (4)
    • The United Kingdom (5)
    • Spain (1)
    • Rest of Europe (11)
  • Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan) (17)
  • Middle East (4)
  • Latin America (1)

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