Clarissa Wright

Clarissa Wright

Feature Writer

M.Sc. Petroleum & Applied Micropalaeontology, B.Sc. Geology & Petroleum Geology

Clarissa is a freelance writer specializing in science communication, contributing to a range of online media.

Due to her lifelong interest in the natural world, she studied a BSc in Geology & Petroleum Geology at the University of Aberdeen, and a Master’s degree in Applied & Petroleum Micropalaeontology at the University of Birmingham.

In 2016, Clarissa first experienced the academic publishing industry as an Assistant Editor for a range of journals at Springer Nature, where she discovered a passion for science writing when contributing to the BMC Blog. Having won an award for her blog writing, she went on to pursue freelance writing and editing further.

Over the years, she embarked on three team expeditions in Oman to collect environmental data and publish a report of geological findings in UKGE’s Deposits Magazine.

In her spare time, she enjoys painting landscapes, playing acoustic guitar, cooking vegan food and spending time outdoors.


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