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Machine Vision Inspection System from Hi-Tech Robotic System Ltd.

Machine Vision Inspection:
These solutions leverage advanced robotics and machine vision to provide complete end-to-end solutions across industries. This entails the entire life-cycle from developing a concept to tackle the pain area to its design, engineering and final installation as well as commissioning. Support and service plans are customized to each customer’s specific needs.

Business Benefits: 

HRSL Machine vision and automation solutions are on-the-shop floor solutions which help manufacturers to improve: 

  • Product Quality
  •  Quality Inspection
  •  Repeatability & Productivity 
  •  Process and Manufacturing time
  •  Manufacturing Costs


  • Automotive
  •  Glass 
  •  Engineering 
  •  Power & Space
  •  Pharmaceuticals
  •  Food & Beverage
  •  Surveillance & Security 
  •  Electronics   


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