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Medical Device Assembly Systems from ESS Technologies, Inc.

The systems use state-of-the-art technology, including integrated robotics, vision systems, line tracking, inspection with automatic reject, and real-time data acquisition.

The assembly system incorporates next-generation vision-ready FANUC robots, allowing the addition of cameras for visual inspection and line tracking.

System Features

  • Vision-Ready FANUC Robots Integrated Throughout the System (as required)
  • Automated Pick-and-Place with Grip or Vacuum Tools
  • Automated Robotic Assembly
  • Clean Room and Class 100 Robot Options
  • Full Integration with Parts Feeders, Hoppers, and Conveyors
  • Interlocked Lexan Guarding
  • Operator Panel with Color LCD Display
  • Programmed Controls


  • Inspection with Automatic Reject
  • Robotic Machine Loading/Unloading
  • Data Acquisition/Validation
  • Vision and Line Tracking
  • Integrated Cartoner
  • Robotic Case Packing
  • Robotic Palletizer Cell

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