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VP-SERIES 5 and 6-Axis Articulated Robots from DENSO Robotics

The ultracompact VP-Series six-axis articulated robots offer the highest speed and repeatability in their class. Their small footprint of only 160 x 160 mm (200 mm dia. for the cleanroom models) saves valuable facility space and makes integration easy, yet despite their size, they have a large payload capacity. In addition, their highly efficient motors use a maximum of only 80 W of power each, and all motors combined use a maximum of only 300 W, resulting in significant energy savings. The VP-Series robots are ANSI and CE compliant, making them suitable for global deployment.

VP-Series Aseptic Models

The VP-Series aseptic robots offer the same speed and repeatability as the standard VP-Series models but with Class 100 cleanroom performance. In addition, anodized aluminum coverings, a protective outer coating and specially sealed joints allow VP-Series aseptic robots to be safely cleaned with hydrogen peroxide. This enables the robots to be used in applications where biocontamination control is required, such as those in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. VP-Series aseptic robots are available in either ANSI and CE or UL models


  • Ultracompact, space-saving design
  • Highest speed and repeatability in their class
  • Energy-saving motors
  • High payload capacity

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