Husqvarna DXR 310 from Husqvarna AB

The Husqvarna DXR 310 is packed with new technology, smart solutions, modern design and is supported by a very durable baseplate. The machine delivers lots of power despite its low weight and it features better solutions, and more of them, than the competition. Ensuring your demolition work is completed more efficiently and profitably.


  • Its low height provides good view over the machine when you work, making operation both more efficient and safer as well as lowering the machine’s centre of gravity.
  • The power unit’s location above the undercarriage and the easy-opening housing are examples of design solutions that make the DXR range the market’s most easily serviced demolition robots.
  • Grease pump, automatic greasing system as standard.
  • Strong LED lights provide unbeatable workplace illumination.
  • Long telescopic arm of high-quality steel and stepless slow-motion operation deliver maximum useability and precision.
  • Great flexibility in terms of demolition method.
  • Extremely robust and durable.

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