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FaroArm® Quantum Measurement Robotics from FARO Distribution

FARO's portable measuring arms make measuring complex objects easy. This includes alignment, calibration, inspection, reverse engineering and as-built documentation with an accuracy up to 16 microns. Save energy and extend component life with the new auto sleep mode, and enjoy complete wireless freedom thanks to Bluetooth®.

Quality in production begins with accuracy in product measurements. To achieve the highest levels of accuracy, manufacturers were forced to measure their parts in a controlled environment using large, expensive coordinate measuring machines (CMM).

The FaroArm® Quantum now has the power to inspect and perform CAD-to-part analysis in any environment with very high accuracy (28 microns volumetric accuracy for an 8ft./2.4m arm).

It is the ideal tool for completing surface measurements and dimensional calculations to the highest degree of accuracy and performs CAD analysis, inspections and alignments with ease and precision.

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