MM-KR16 Mobile Manipulator from Neobotix

The MM-KR16 Neobotix offers the first fully industrial approved mobile manipulator.The combination of worldwide proved and tested KUKA KR 16 KS robot arm and a stable mobile platform allow the automation of demanding and decentral tasks.Platform and arm can be moved either independently or synchronised. The manipulator arm can even be moved while the base is driving.The MM-KR16 is also sold by Henkel+Roth as part of complex manufacturing systems.

Some possible tasks for the MM-KR16 are:

  • Picking: the robot prepares groups of parts for further assembly
  • Flow of material: work cells can be fed fully automatically
  • Welding of long seams
  • Spray painting of large objects
  • Inspection of large objects and machines

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