Outdoor Multipurpose Pose Assessment System from OMNITECH ROBOTICS INTERNATIONAL, LLC.

COMPASS aids teleoperation control by providing a display of a vehicle's coordinates on the Operator Control Unit in vehicle position estimation applications. COMPASS is available as an off-the-shelf item and has been sold commercially, as well as to multiple government agencies. COMPASS is ideal as a teleoperation system driving aid or an autonomous navigation position estimation subsystem. For this application, COMPASS has already been purchased, and it is described here to illustrate how it can fit into the proposed effort.

The COMPASS sensor suite is an integrated system that provides a continuous update of a robotic vehicle's position using position and orientation estimation (POSE) sensor. These sensors are fused into a single best estimate using a proprietary Kalman filter technique developed by ORI. This POSE estimation sensor suite is packaged as a "Black Box", with a single RS-232 or CAN interface to communicate the pose estimate to the Vehicle Control Unit.

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