Defender ROV from Allen-Vanguard Corporation

The Defender ROV is a sophisticated large bomb disposal robot with heavy lifting capability and a very powerful weight to strength ratio that helps bomb techs respond to VBIEDs and CBRN agents.

This EOD/IEDD Robot has a titanium frame and can deploy X-ray systems, explosive charges and multiple disruptors in either a single or double configuration. Its disruptor mounts have integral dual lasers for accurate point of aim and judging distance.

Command post bomb technicians benefit from its six cameras; PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) colour camera with 360º pan; video and photographic feeds; high-intensity LED lights; and, sensitive claw manipulation. The Defender is controlled through the new 2G Command Console.


  • Six-wheel drive, independent suspension and all-terrain tires for climbing sidewalks, stairs, train tracks and rough terrain
  • Electro-mechanical brakes hold steady on inclines up to 45°
  • Sensitive claw can open, close, lift, carry, twist and drag
  • Four secure firing circuits control render safe tools
  • EOD weapons can mount above or beside the claw, on either side of the arm, or on the telescopic arm for further reach
  • Hydraulic arm and claw assembly
  • Rotating turret 385º
  • Encrypted wireless control with Garmin GPS
  • Environmentally sealed for post-blast and CBRN washdown
  • Integrates with optional ROV-Track software to help first responders deal with CBRN threats
    more safely and efficiently

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