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Razor Atmospheric Transfer Robot from Brooks Automation, Inc.

Stay on the cutting edge with Brooks’ Razor atmospheric transfer robots. Razor robotics provide the superior performance, reliability, and ultra-cleanliness required for today’s advanced semiconductor manufacturing. Leveraging Brooks’ kinematic mounting system, patented motional control technology, and reliable direct drive robotics, Razor robots enable fast set-up, high repeatability, and maximum uptime. In addition, Razor features a simplified, highly efficient arm architecture with two links instead of three for a 3-FOUP trackless robot that delivers reliable performance—even in high-volume, 24x7 production environments.


  • Proprietary motion control algorithms—Time Optimized Trajectory and Time Optimal Path—significantly reduce vibration
  • Support for a choice of wafer handling technologies, including high throughput Passive Edge Contact
  • Fifth generation direct drive technology
  • Drag-and-Drop Sequence Editor for customization of motion and I/O sequences
  • Compatibility with Equipe and Reliance robots
  • Optional kinematic mounting system with one-time height and level adjustment

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