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Industry Focus eBook: Robotics & Automation

Top interviews, articles, and news in the Robotics Process Automation industry, curated by AZoRobotics - The A to Z of Robotics.

Industry Focus eBook Cover: Robotics & Automation

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) eBook

The global market of Robotics and Automation has been valued at $38 billion in 2023 and is predicted to triple in value by 2030.

We consider robots all types of automated machines created to perform a specific task or series of tasks, with limited or no human input. Automation is the technique of making a system or process operate automatically; thus, no human involvement is necessary. From materials handling to customer service, robotics can improve efficiency on every aspect of the supply chain.

In this eBook we take a deeper look into the collaborative robots, automated equipment, robot software and RPA tools news.

AZoRobotics has compiled a collection of the most popular RPA industry data articles, news, interviews, and industry insights over the last 12 months - Everything you need to know about the robotics and automation process to stay up-to-date.

Free eBook Contents

  • Top interviews with thought leaders in the laboratory automation industry, conducted by our editors.
  • Top RPA software news pieces written by our scientific collaborators.
  • Top cobot welding, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) & automated guide vehicles (AGV) robotics articles, taking a deeper look into the industry discoveries and research.
  • Sources, further reads, and related stories you can find on AZoRobotics.

Industry Focus eBook Contents: Robotics & Automation

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