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ABB’s Imaging Spectroradiometer to Improve Climate Forecast Accuracy for UAVs

ABB will be instrumental in providing support to the Canadian Space Agency in their Polar Communications and Weather (PCW) mission.

Image Spectroadiometer

The research and development contract has been signed for the imaging spectroradiometer, which was awarded by the space agency for measuring the wavelengths of individual colours of light. ABB will be working on developing a series of geostationary weather satellites based on the principles of the spectroradiometer.

The current scenario at the weather forecasting stations is that long-term climate predictions and short-term weather forecasts and other services provided by existing satellites are limited. Inadequate accuracy of weather/climate forecasts affects the mobile communications for ships, UAVs and planes. The PCW mission aims at positioning two satellites in highly elliptical orbits which are about 39,900 km above the North Pole. By positioning these additional satellites improved reliability can be brought into the weather and climate forecasts. The forecasts will be more continuous across the Arctic region. ABB is already involved in numerous space related projects like the interferometer module, the central component of the Cross-track Infrared Sounder which is used in meteorological satellite launched in October by American National Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System Preparatory Project. The PCW projects will need a team of mechanical, software and electrical engineers to work on it.


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