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Liquid Robotics Raises $22 Million for Water Robot

A new robotic device from Liquid Robotics has helped the company win solid funding for the product. The water based robotic device called Wave Glider will receive $22 million in Series D financing to help further its development.

The device is essentially a robotic sea surface and underwater vehicle that can measure ocean data. The autonomous operating platform can be used in ocean observation, data collection, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.

Another major plus in its favor is that it is powered by clean technology. The robotic device generates its own power using the up and down motion of waves by converting them into energy for forward thrust through the vehicle’s design.

The unit consists of a submerged glider with wing-shaped panels and surface float joined by a 7-meter tether. While it is not built for speed, moving at a mere two knots at the most, it is able to travel long distances.

More interestingly it can collect and transmit data from its surroundings in real time using satellite or short range radio waves. It can move into the ocean on its own and then return for maintenance as well. The Wave Glider is being tested under many scenarios at present and is also likely to be used for scientific research by prominent oceanography institutes globally once it is in full production.

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