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Wave Glider from Liquid Robotics Wins Gulfstream Navigator Award for 2011

The Savannah Ocean Exchange has declared Liquid Robotics as the winner of the Gulfstream Navigator Award for the year 2011. The Gulfstream award is conferred to a solution that has contributed positively towards shaping the future of the coastlines.

wave glider

The Wave Glider-Autonomous Ocean Vehicle from Liquid Robotics was chosen for receiving this award by a panel of delegates who participated in the Solutions Exchange that was held in Savannah on September 7 and 8, 2011. The award was presented by Joe Lombardo from the EVP Aerospace Group, General Dynamics which is the parent company of Gulfstream.

The Navigator Award was awarded to the best solution that was submitted during the annual Call for Solutions invited by Savannah Ocean Exchange Board of Governors during February this year. Out of the entries submitted, the top ten were selected from industries such as defense, construction, marine research, homeland security, coastal reclamation, energy, robotics and shipping. The selected solutions were presented to a gathering of more than100 delegates who selected the recipient of the award from the ten solutions. Lombardo lauded the success of Savannah Ocean Exchange in bringing together innovative solutions and providing a platform for showcasing for further success in the market. The award winning Wave Glider is a solution for tapping the energy from the waves. It is capable of cruising long distances and monitoring vast expanses of the ocean without the need for refuelling or emitting carbon emissions. The glider is made up of a two-part architecture consisting of a wing system for converting the movement of the waves into thrust and solar panels that power the sensors and satellite communication systems.


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