OctoBox from OctoScope Widely Used for Conducting Wireless Product Automation Tests

OctoScope has revealed that its wireless test box, OctoBox, has been supplied to customers who deal with wireless product production testing. OctoScope’s line of customers includes iRobot, which uses the octoBox for testing the wireless radios that are used in unmanned ground vehicles.


Apart from shipping the wireless testing box, OctoScope plans to demonstrate it at the RoboBusiness Leadership Summit, which is scheduled to be held on 2 and 3 November, 2011.

Octobox provides a new dimension to the design, testing and verification process of multi-radio devices such as smartphones. The octoBox can also be used in testing conventional and MIMO wireless devices with OTA testing methodology. The testing of such devices is carried out in a customizable chamber, which is the size of a refrigerator and does not produce an echoing effect. This chamber is much lower in cost when compared to conventional anechoic chambers. The President of OctoScope pointed out that a number of customers have been able to perform production testing of their products with the octoBox and have been able arrive at stable and precise test results in the isolated OTA environment. She claimed that the testing box helps in testing products at low level signals by exposing 100% faults that are related to processing. She added that the box can be used to test devices that have multiple radios, which are completely assembled by testing through their antennas. With an increase in the usage of multiple radios, the introduction of the octoBox is seen as a boon to product testing with accurate and repeatable results. The OTA environment for controlled testing offered by the octoBox also allows for testing of multiple wireless devices simultaneously, thereby saving production time.

Source: http://www.octoscope.com/

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