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TTU Researchers’ Newly Designed Robots May Revolutionize US Industry

Tennessee Tech University laboratory researchers have developed robots that will someday bring a phenomenal change in the US manufacturing industries. The remotely operative robots can efficiently navigate through various machines and related components in industries.

Robotic Technologies of Tennessee is a company that was recently established by TTU graduates. The company has been licensed by TTU’s Research Office for the deployment of Canfield’s patents and for commercialization of the robots. RTT’s intellectual property portfolio will include the university patent.

Most of the patented products and methods developed in universities are slowly disappearing as they are not being upgraded or developed by investors or companies.

Robots are efficiently being used for constructing objects like cars and refrigerators in plants. On the other hand, RTT’s robots have the potential to work beyond the controlled environments such as bridges, buildings, and ships. These robots are being tested in U.S. Navy shipyards.

Over the years, researchers are working on the application of robots in unstructured manufacturing environments. RTT and Canfield researchers are currently developing lightweight robots that can navigate through wider and different kinds of surfaces, and capable of lifting heavier load than earlier models.

Robot need to be operated by expert technicians who have constant view of the work surface in sync with the operation. In contrast to the misconception that robots support unemployment, robots have been developed to increase productivity and encourage more experts to better handle them for increased efficiency and maximum production.


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