Hollysys Automation to Supply Automatic Train Protection System

Hollysys Automation Technologies, a global provider of automation solutions, has declared that it has signed a contract worth US$ 30.45 million with China’s Ministry of Railways to deliver its high-end Automatic Train Protection (ATP) system. The speed of the ATP is 300 to 350km/h and the automated system is likely to be supplied next year between May and November

One of the products of the expeditious rail signaling system is ATP, which is incorporated at the front and back of every train. The other product is the land-based Train Control Center (TCC) positioned near the rail track. All the data including the railway track condition and train speed is recorded in a digital format and is then transmitted to the on-board ATP system. A driving instruction curve is then developed by ATP, which enables the train to recognize the ideal speed, inclination or twist before entering the subsequent radio block.

ATP also ensures security by activating the emergency break if it identifies a potential menace or crash ahead. Critical control elements in the swift railway signaling systems are offered by integrating ATP with TCC. These competent elements assure secured top-speed rail operation. Among the four commercial high-speed rail lanes in China, Zhengzhou-Xi'an rail line was specially developed by Hollysys.

Dr. Changli Wang, CEO and Chairman of Hollysys, expressed his pleasure in receiving this contract. He said that the ATPs offered by their company will be incorporated in any category of 300-350km/h high-speed trains for any 300-350km/h high-speed rail lines in China. He added that their company will utilize this foremost position to obtain its fair share in China’s upcoming high-speed rail development projects.

Source: http://www.hollysys.com

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