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Exoskeletons, Powered Prostheses and Optical Sensory Devices

Exoskeletons, Powered Prostheses and Optical Sensory Devices

The Global Market for Human Enhancement/Augmentation Systems

Human augmentation systems are devices or systems that supplement the body’s own capabilities, either by replacing the functionality of a non-working or missing body part, or by enhancing the functionality or capability of an individual. This study focuses on three nascent but robust categories within this sector: powered exoskeletons (wearable, powered machines that consist of an outer frame, a power supply that contributes a portion of the energy to move the exoskeleton’s limbs, and a variety of controllers, motors and sensors that work in harmony to provide added strength, endurance or protection to the wearer); advanced powered upper-limb prostheses (primarily medical devices that provide lifelike arm and hand functionality that goes far beyond the traditional "hook and claw" mechanical prosthetic arms and hands commonly used by amputees), and ocular sensory-substitution devices to help the blind to "see" in some form or fashion.

What Questions Does This Report Answer?

  • What are Human Augmentation Devices?
  • Which market segments will utilize human augmentation systems, and when?
  • Which geographic regions offer the greatest growth potential for exoskeletons and advanced upper-limb prostheses?
  • Which companies are the leading contenders to drive commercial development of human augmentation systems?
  • What factors are driving the market for human augmentation systems, and which factors may impede development and commercialization?
  • What are the biggest technology and business hurdles faced by commercial developers of human augmentation systems?
  • What types of common components are used in human augmentation systems, and how are they used?
  • How quickly will the commercial market for human augmentation systems grow over the next decade?

Who Needs This Report?

  • Health/medical insurance carriers
  • Heavy industry
  • Investment bankers
  • Military contractors
  • Organizations that assist the physically disabled
  • Robotics/electronics designers and manufacturers

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