The Emerging UMV and UGV Markets 2009-2019

The Emerging UMV and UGV Markets 2009-2019

Our latest defence report - The Emerging UMV and UGV Markets 2009-2019 - examines one of the defence industry’s most promising emerging markets. Our market study reviews leading unmanned maritime vehicle (UMV) and unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) programmes. Total governmental spending on research, development and procurement of UMV and UGV systems combined should reach $504 million worldwide in 2009. Do you want to know how high revenues will go next decade? We examine commercial prospects for providers of these unmanned vehicle systems and technologies, and analyse the requirements driving this market worldwide. This report discusses the UMV and UGV markets analytically, explaining their characteristics and potentials from 2009 onwards, with comprehensive market forecasting at global and national level.

In The Emerging UMV and UGV Markets 2009-2019 we analyse how a multitude of factors are driving increased research, development, procurement and deployment of unmanned vehicle systems. In recent years, the threat of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in Iraq has been a major impetus for investment in robots capable of explosive ordinance disposal (EOD).

The success of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in military operations is also leading to unmanned vehicle technologies spilling over into UMV and UGV systems. This report also reveals why many defence contractors are diversifying into all types of unmanned vehicle systems. This report explains and answers many other vital questions on this rapidly-growing market area.

Unmanned vehicles are also inherently less costly to develop and procure than manned vehicles, thus making them attractive sub-markets during economically uncertain times when overall defence budgets are being frozen or even reduced. Therefore, the increasing investment applied to unmanned vehicle systems has made the market one of the few recession-resistant sub-sectors of the defence industry. We expect the unmanned vehicle systems market to flourish from 2009 onwards, with high rewards for successful companies. Our forecast period, 2009-2019, reveals an overall rise in unmanned vehicle systems spending, as new programmes are launched, or come to fruition.

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