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  • Article - 28 Jan 2020
    Industrial automation is the application of automatic control to large scale processes and systems (sets of processes) such as factories.
  • Article - 29 Jul 2012
    The following article describes the main industrial robots in application and some of the socioecomonic factors affected by the use of industrial robots over human workers.
  • Article - 9 Jul 2012
    In this interview Dr. Cameron Chai, Chief Editor of AZoRobotics speaks to Robert Kaifler, Product Manager, Robotic Testing Systems at Zwick Roell about how robotics has changed the face of materials...
  • Article - 30 Apr 2020
    Dynamic mechanical analysis, known as DMA, is a method that tests the physical properties of both solids and polymer melts. This article discusses how this method works, the limitations and the future...
  • Article - 26 Feb 2020
    Tribology is concerned with the science and engineering of how surfaces interact with each other when in motion.
  • Article - 15 Feb 2020
    Performing a task over and over again can be very monotonous, and finite elemental analysis is no exception.
  • Article - 15 Oct 2019
    In 2018, 98.1 million motor vehicles were produced globally. One-quarter of all passenger cars are made in Europe, with the US and Greater China being responsible for a large share of the remaining...
  • Article - 26 Feb 2020
    The interdisciplinary research field of robotics has captured the public imagination since the first descriptions of automata appeared.
  • Article - 25 Feb 2020
    The principles of fluid mechanics have started to be applied to robotics as a means to optimize performance.
  • Article - 15 Feb 2020
    Robots are playing ever more important roles in modern society, becoming a ubiquitous, widely used technology in a growing number of industries due to their efficiency and suitability for a wide...