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  • Article - 22 Feb 2022
    The field of bionic engineering is progressing rapidly, and the integration of technologies such as artificial intelligence and the development of advanced materials is pushing technology forward into...
  • Article - 6 Dec 2021
    Learn more about the origin of drone technologies and future outlooks for this aerial vehicle.
  • Article - 13 Oct 2021
    Researchers develop an enhanced model that detects different plant diseases in apples with accurate detection performance under complex orchard scenarios.
  • Article - 1 May 2020
    The application of 3D microscopy in robots is booming, largely as a result of a corresponding increase in computational power.
  • Article - 15 Feb 2020
    The term nanoelectronics refers to the use of nanotechnology in electronic mechanisms. It is further described as the science that deals with the electronic components designed and engineered at a...
  • Article - 10 Jul 2019
    Since the first microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) were introduced in the 1990s, microrobotics has been a field of science quietly moving forward with little mainstream media attention.
  • Article - 5 Oct 2012
    The application of mechatronic engineering in human biology is known as biomechatronics.
  • Article - 9 Jul 2012
    In this interview Dr. Cameron Chai, Chief Editor of AZoRobotics speaks to Robert Kaifler, Product Manager, Robotic Testing Systems at Zwick Roell about how robotics has changed the face of materials...
  • Article - 16 Oct 2023
    Artificial intelligence approaches can help unlock the rapid diagnostic power of spectroscopies such as Raman spectroscopy. Here, we discuss examples of AI-enhanced Raman spectroscopy.
  • Article - 18 Jul 2023
    Magnetic robots are machines capable of performing tasks using magnetic forces. Here, AZoRobotics explores the applications and use cases of magnetic robots.