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Advanced Pick and Place Automation with the FANUC M-10iA Robot

The FANUC M-10iA Robot is a six-axis industrial robot designed for precision assembly, material handling, and packaging applications. This robot is part of capacities and reaches to meet various industrial automation needs.

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FANUC M-10iA Robotics System - How Does it Work?

The FANUC M-10iA robotic system is a versatile and flexible machine that can handle various tasks with high precision and speed. This robot has a high payload capacity and range, making it suitable for a range of applications.

The FANUC M-10iA robotics system features six axes of motion that enable it to move with high precision and flexibility. These axes include three linear axes and three rotational axes, which allow the robot to move in a wide range of directions and orientations.

FANUC's R-30iB Plus controller powers the robotics system. The controller features advanced motion control algorithms and a user-friendly interface. The robotics system also features a range of advanced sensors and safety features.

Industrial Applications of the FANUC M-10iA Robotics System

The FANUC M-10iA robotics system is a multipurpose machine that companies in a wide range of industrial applications can use. Some of the most common applications of this robot include:


The robotics system is ideal for precision assembly tasks, such as assembling small electronic or automotive components. The robot's high accuracy and flexibility make it suitable for handling delicate parts and performing complex assembly tasks.

Material Handling

The robotics system is well-suited for material handling tasks, such as picking and placing parts on a conveyor belt or palletizing products for shipping. The robot's high payload capacity and range make it ideal for handling various materials and products.


The robotics system is also well-suited for packaging applications, such as placing products in boxes or packaging materials. The robot's high speed and accuracy make it ideal for performing these tasks quickly and efficiently.

Machine Tending

Factories can utilize the FANUC M-10iA robotics system for machine tending tasks, such as loading and unloading parts from a CNC machine. The robot's high precision and flexibility make it ideal for handling various parts and performing complex tasks.


Organizations can use the FANUC M-10iA robotics system for inspection tasks, such as quality control in manufacturing or detecting defects in products. The robot's advanced sensors and vision system make it ideal for performing these tasks with high accuracy and speed.

Benefits of the FANUC M-10iA Robotics System

The FANUC M-10iA robotics system is an advanced and valuable machine that offers a range of benefits for industrial automation applications. One of its primary benefits is high precision. Thanks to its advanced sensors and motion control algorithms, it can perform highly accurate and precise tasks, making it ideal for high-precision jobs such as assembly, inspection, and quality control.

Additionally, the FANUC M-10iA robotics system is a flexible machine that can handle various tasks and applications, making it suitable for various industrial automation needs. It has a payload capacity of 10 kg and a maximum reach of 1420 mm, enabling it to handle a variety of materials and products.

The robot's high speed and acceleration make it efficient for jobs that require a high level of throughput, such as material handling and packaging. The robotics system is also easy to program and operate thanks to its user-friendly interface and advanced programming tools. Operators can quickly and easily program the robotics system to perform complex tasks without extensive training or expertise.

The robotics system features advanced sensors and safety features that ensure the safety of operators and prevent damage to the robot or its environment, including a collision detection system, a torque sensor, and a vision system that enable the robotics system to operate safely and accurately in various settings.

The FANUC M-10iA robotics system is a reliable machine designed for continuous operation in industrial environments. FANUC built this system to withstand harsh conditions and heavy use, ensuring it can perform consistently and reliably over time.

Finally, the robotics system is a cost-effective solution for industrial automation thanks to its high precision, flexibility, and reliability. It can help companies reduce labor costs, increase productivity, and improve product quality, making it a valuable investment for businesses of all sizes.

How do FANUC and Its Products Stand Out

FANUC is a company that has been instrumental in developing and advancing robotics. With over 60 years of experience, the company has introduced many innovations in industrial robotics, making it a driving force in the automation industry.

FANUC and its robotics systems have contributed to furthering robotics in several ways. Firstly, the company has advanced automation technology by introducing robotics systems with collaborative abilities, advanced sensing and vision capabilities, and adaptive features.

Secondly, FANUC's robotics systems improve business productivity and efficiency by automating repetitive and dangerous tasks, freeing human workers up for more complex and strategic roles, leading to increased output, reduced costs, and overall efficiency.

Lastly, FANUC's robotics systems are renowned for their high precision and accuracy, making them ideal for automating tasks that require a high level of accuracy, such as assembly and inspection, which improves product quality and reduces errors.

Conclusion and Future Outlook

Overall, the FANUC M-10iA robotics system is an advanced and adaptable machine that offers a range of benefits for industrial automation applications. Its high precision, flexibility, and reliability make it ideal for a wide range of tasks and industries, from assembly and inspection to material handling and packaging.

Its advanced sensors and safety features ensure the safety of operators and prevent damage to the robotics system or its environment. At the same time, its easy-to-use interface and programming tools make it accessible to operators of all skill levels.

With its cost-effective performance and proven track record in industrial environments, the FANUC M-10iA robotics system is a valuable investment for companies looking to increase productivity, reduce labor costs, and improve product quality.

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