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Aspect Automation, Staubli, Wako Laboratory Develop Toxin Screening System

Aspect Automation, major provider of automation solutions, and Staubli North America, robotic systems developer, have launched an environmental toxin screening system. This system was developed along with Wako Laboratory Automation/Kalypsys and was installed at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda.

The integration of the tools and peripheral machinery of the screening system was done by Aspect Automation. The system fully uses the Staubli RX160L, the 6-axis robot of Staubli featuring higher levels of adaptability. The screening system will enable NIH to quickly assess several compounds by means of a wide range of biochemical assays. It can also run several screens at a time, functioning round-the-clock in a laboratory.

Previously, Aspect Automation worked with Kalypsys to build screening systems with improved throughput for drug invention. These concepts were used to develop the new screening system. They selected Staubli as their robotics collaborator to make use of the abilities of Staubli’s RX160L and to simplify programming.

Juan Cardenas, Director of Sales & Marketing for Aspect Automation, has stated that they required a robot developer for realizing their project. He mentioned that Staubli promptly supplied the robot and also offered them helpful feedback. He added that they easily integrated and debugged the robot.

As instructed by the user, the Staubli robot included in the toxin screening system relocates 1,536 well assay plates to several secondary devices. The precise operation of the robot is highly significant for the sustained functioning of the screening system. Cells and reagents are covered by a washer that can be easily configured. The system also features multiple imaging devices, compound transfer stations and compound and assay storage carousels. All these devices enable the system to handle several assays concurrently. The durability of the system and its custom scheduling software ensure outstanding adaptability.


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