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Brain Corp Announces Expansion of AI Services in Retail Industry

Brain Corp, a San Diego-based AI company creating transformative core technology for the robotics industry, announced today that it will be expanding its relationship with Walmart. Brain Corp will provide its BrainOS technology to an additional 1,500 robotic floor cleaners nationwide by the end of the year.

This deal will increase the prior announcement of 360 robotic floor cleaners powered by BrainOS operating in Walmart stores to a fleet totaling 1,860 machines.

Brain Corp’s commercial operating system, BrainOS, supports Walmart’s Auto-C (autonomous cleaning) initiative through the enablement of robotic floor cleaners. Robots powered by BrainOS operate collaboratively alongside Walmart associates by utilizing a simple and intuitive “teach and repeat” approach which allows associates to easily deploy the machine and adjust cleaning routes as the environment changes.

“Technologies like this prove to be a valuable tool in the support of our retail associates,” says John Crecelius, Walmart’s Senior VP of Central Operations. “We are excited to expand upon our floor cleaning fleet as we continue to integrate the power of robotics and AI into our daily operations, freeing up associates to serve our customers better.”

The expansion of this relationship with Walmart supports the growth of BrainOS as the industry standard for the production, deployment, and management of autonomous mobile robots. Noted as the world’s top autonomy solution provider by ABI Research, Brain Corp has several key OEM partnerships in the floor care industry and recently debuted a new, proof-of-concept delivery robot.

“We look forward to continuing our work by extending the footprint of BrainOS across Walmart store locations and applications,” says Dr. Eugene Izhikevich, CEO of Brain Corp. “Brain Corp has experienced tremendous growth over the past year, which I believe is both a testament to our technology, as well as the growing commitment that innovation leaders are making to robotics and AI.”


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