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The First Whole Genome Reports Powered by AI from Dante Labs

Dante Labs recently launched a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool to develop personalized reports from entire genome sequencing data that utilizes a person's medical information to recognize the most pertinent insights across the six billion letters that constitute human DNA.

Dante Labs' use of AI is a totally new method to the interpretation of genetic data. The conventional method was to examine only small segments of the DNA—the so-called target panels—or to just offer unfiltered raw data because companies did not have the computational power and competences to examine the whole DNA.

The use of AI is especially beneficial for complicated illnesses such as epilepsy, cancers, diabetes, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, and other rare diseases.

The old approach was to give up on the power of the whole genome. Instead of limiting the benefits of genomic analysis, we chose to leverage machine learning to bring innovative analysis in the vast amount of data that we generate for each genome. We selected Amazon Web Services as our trusted technology partner because of Amazon continuous innovation and advancements in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and scalable computing.

Andrea Riposati, CEO, Dante Labs

With AI, Dante Labs guarantees the whole genome is examined and that people gain the most vital information without getting lost in the immensity of their DNA and without giving up on attaining a detailed analysis.

Dante Labs' users will receive personalized reports based on their medical history, health-care records diagnosis, and any other medical information available. Dante Labs can handle medical documents in different languages and electronic health records that are not preformatted so that people around the world can benefit from AI.

Dante Labs' method is to utilize medical information and insights, combine genomics with medical data, and collaborate with the medical community and doctors rather than trying to replace them.

"We always recommend that our users to engage health care professionals with our reports," Riposati concluded. "Now the next doctor's visit could be with AI."

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