Quanergy and Chery to Launch an Era of Autonomous Vehicles and Smart Cities

Quanergy Systems, Inc., a top provider of LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensors and smart sensing solutions, reported a collaboration with Chery Automobile, one of the leading automotive manufacturers in China.

Quanergy and Chery Established Partnership to Propel a New Era of Autonomous Vehicles and Smart Cities (Graphic: Business Wire)

On June 20th, 2019, Chery revealed the logo of its new brand Chery Lion, and publicized its strategic plan of partnering with selected partners to unravel technological challenges across the ecosystem. Quanergy signed on to Chery Lion’s Smart Partner Program as the LiDAR partner, to concentrate efforts on progressing autonomous driving and smart cities in China.

As the autonomous vehicle industry matures, it is imperative to build an ecosystem that supports a transportation network with reliable solutions. We’ll work closely with Quanergy on Chery’s autonomous driving vehicles and smart city installations.

Dr. Yong Huang, Vice President, Intelligent Vehicle Business Group of Chery

Quanergy’s S3 automotive-grade solid-state LiDARs are built on optical phased arrays (OPA) made in CMOS silicon. These sensors, being a completely solid state without any moving parts on any scale, deliver an unmatched level of reliability and quality.

Moreover, the CMOS silicon node employed in wafer fabrication is mature, enabling manufacturing to be quickly scaled to high yield and match performance necessities at very low rates on the market.

On the path towards the realization of an autonomous era, smart city infrastructure has a vital role to play as a road paver. Internet of Things (IoT) capability in smart cities links vehicles with important digital information, decreasing traffic congestion, and ensuring that the roads are safer.

QORTEX DTC™ (Detection, Tracking, Classification), Quanergy’s exclusive solution based on LiDAR hardware and artificial intelligence (AI) software, can play an important role in checking and controlling the flow of vehicles and people at crossings, and can communicate data to the linked vehicles.

When integrated with 5G cellular network technology, QORTEX DTC offers the required awareness and analytical perception into the city’s numerous connected components and guarantees efficient and safe traffic flow.

China is at the forefront of mobility innovation, and Chery is making massive strides in bringing not only intelligent vehicles but also intelligent transportation systems to market. Chery has selected Quanergy as its LiDAR partner, and together we will forge the next chapter of autonomy in China.

Dr. Louay Eldada, CEO and Co-Founder, Quanergy

Through the collaboration with Chery, Quanergy is continuing its efforts to supply its smart sensing technologies to its partners worldwide.

Source: https://quanergy.com/

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