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HRG Robotics to Showcase Latest Accomplishments of its Ecosystem at WRC2019

HIT Robot Group (HRG Robotics or "the Group"), a platform operator and service provider for technology innovation and startup building in emerging industries, will unveil its new robotic innovations at the World Robot Conference 2019 running from August 20 to 25 at Beijing Etrong International Exhibition and Convention Center (Booth No. Hall A-311). Seeking to build an intelligent ecosystem for a new era, the launch of this year, including 16 HRG Biosphere companies and 59 products, marks a significant step in the Group's dedication to creating a "Robotics Biosphere," an initiative to realize the optimized integration of all resources in the robotics sector.

The HRG "Robotics Biosphere" initiative offers a wide range of support and services to companies, transforming research achievements into products, and turning those products into merchandise. The initiative - which embodies the company's three pillars - has helped over 100 start-ups in the field of smart factory development, industrial robotics, service robotics, special robotics, entertainment robotics, medical and rehabilitation robotics, across three significant stages of a company's growth:

  • Innovation -- Supports research and development efforts on core technologies and products
  • Incubation -- Focuses on incubating startups, coordinating academic-industry cooperation, and helping early-stage teams grow into mature managers
  • Industry -- Guides companies at different stages to maturity and finally enter their defined market

"We will be showcasing a string of successful companies which have got off the ground through the help of HRG, alongside our representative products at WRC 2019, as we aim to form new partnerships with companies around the world," said Wang Meng, President of HIT Robot Group.

Aiming to provide versatile solutions for industrial applications of intelligent robots, multiple products across seven sections will take the stage at WRC2019, demonstrating the group's latest technological feats in the robotic industry.

Industrial Robotics

To ease the pain points of China's robotics industry by breaking its dependency on foreign technology, HRG will unveil HRG Real-time Robot Operating System, an operating system for AIRT-ROS robot and this year's star product. By harnessing brain-inspired AI developed for humanoid robotics, the operating system for intelligent robots and application empowers smart terminals and devices to conduct independent decision-making, enabling robots to achieve coordinated body movement and danger prevention.

As a product well-received in Japan, the Bee Robot, a collaborative AMR developed by the Yiwu Laisi Technology, an HRG biosphere company, is showcasing at the conference. Equipped with simultaneous localization and mapping technology, the robot can autonomously navigate pathways between shelves, select the most efficient route, avoid obstacles, and pick and stack goods on shelves. Its optimized battery sustainability makes sure that it can work for eight hours non-stop and find charging stations automatically when their batteries are low.

Medical and Rehabilitation Robotics

PADA, China's first device developed by HRG Chengdu Medical Robot Co., Ltd. that can diagnose Parkinson's disease at the early stage, is set to take center stage at the section. Based on hypersensitive biological information acquisition and AI-powered medical data analysis technology, the device is widely used in hospitals, health-check centers, and senior care services.

Service Robotics

Powered by image enhancement technology to effectively improve image quality in turbid waters, Yueyang HRG Trufun Smart Tech Co., Ltd. will bring Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle to the event, showcasing its breakthrough in service robotics, which comes with optional accessories including sonar, small-sized detectors, multifunctional robotic arms.

AIoT Security

As part of the Robotics Biosphere initiative to achieve intelligent security management, HRG Lincoos IoT Technology Co., Ltd. will bring its AIoT+ Security Factory Smart Supervision Platform, the platform to meet risk warning and danger prevention for industrial production. Based on artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data technology, the platform, to integrate human, environment and device for comprehensive decision-making, can offer real-time analysis based on data collected by sensors and cameras.

Education on Industrial Robotics

HRG's booth at the education section will be packed with products developed by HRG EduBot, a subsidiary focusing on industrial robotics education. From an industrial robot motion control and intelligent machine test bench to an industrial internet gateway training platform, HRG EduBot has become an innovative enterprise with comprehensive development ability with the help of HRG Entrepreneurship Division, which is aimed at facilitating the development of start-ups, enabling them to better concentrate on R&D and quality control.

Special Robotics

Equipped with water-cooled two-stroke engine to ensure the power output and coated with carbon fiber cloth to offer waterproof and anti-corrosion features, Yueyang HRG Trufun Smart Tech Co., Ltd., an HRG biosphere company, will kick start the exhibition at special robotics section by pulling off the curtain on its latest Wearable Diver Propulsion Pack. Its minimalist internal design, while not compromising mobility and thrust power, means that the Diver Propulsion Pack is easy to control and high in power efficiency, and can be used in rescue operations, performance and sports.


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