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New Safety Standards for Okura’s Robotic Systems

Columbia/Okura, LLC, a global provider of robotic palletizing systems, has launched an innovative safety technology which can be included in its robotic systems. The company is incessantly researching to offer maximum safety for the workers and ensuring high productivity.

The new standard aspects introduced by the company include Category 3 Risk Control Safety Circuits with 3-phase contactors and a 2 channel E-stop circuit. All pallet delivery locations are guarded by Type 4 light curtains. A secure relay will inspect all the safety aspects like trapped key, E-stops, safety contactors etc. Each robotic palletizing cell employs a dual trapped key interlock system, demanding the usage of a personnel key for improved safety.

Nationally Registered Test Laboratory (NRTL) has recognized all the robotic systems of the company to UL1740 norms. This accreditation conforms to various certifications like Industrial Robots and Robot Systems general safety requirements (ANSI RIA 15.06-1999 and CSA Z434-03), National Electrical Code (NEC 2008, NFPA 70), NFPA Electrical Standards for Industrial Machinery (NFPA 79 2008) and the Standard for Safety for Industrial Control Panels (UL508A, controls manufacturing facility).

The company’s Roboshield brings down the possibility of damage to the robot by utilizing an innovative application for inspecting the torque, speed and position of the robotic palletizing arm, thereby assuring the robot’s capability without neglecting its safety.



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